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(you might want to skim through the prequel Niaj Qad Keep. also note that the rebellion can't be tracked when moving to naboo)

Mid was unsure of whether to aid Phinius or not. He knew he shouldn't interfere with their "one-on-one" battle, but Mid had seen Zion kill jedi before. If Phinius let his guard down...he would be dead in an instant. However, seeing civic imps walk through the corridor narrowed Mid's ability to help Phinius. Mid was also interrested in seeing if the Imperials concidered a Sith Lord friend or foe. Their orders came from the same source, but Mid doubted that Rures would metion the his little Sith group just yet.
When the imps came close enough, Mid jumped forward with his saber in form-four position, then landed it on one of the troops. He began to cut them down from the center of the group, hoping he would draw fire away from Phinius.

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