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(i did twice but the things so big i miss stuff and why does it matter if the rebel ships can't b tracked! like the civil leader is a sith!?! shouldn't he be able to sense the ships moving their. and look at #43 to see arca ordering the ship to b blown to hell .pardon my language. im doing a countdown typa thing) (my char is after u fate's decision!!!)

Arca ran to the hangar and looked around. All the ships collidided in a corner when the ship lurched after its engines being blown out. The rest of the ships were destroyed by debris or supports falling from the wall.
"Goddamnit!" Yelled Arca at the ship and he threw a fist at the wall only to bring it back, howling.
If he was going to be stuck on this ship when it blew up he was gonna kill as many jedi as he can, He thought as anger filled his mind.

There was 4 minutes till destruction

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