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Originally Posted by Maestro_obi
OMG! This is really good! I give a 9.5/10 to the head. The only thing that is little bit too dark are the clothes. But you're doing a great job man!
Thanks! I plan on tweaking the clothes as well. I'm going to add some more texture (some threading) and lighten them, but first I want to get his face and his head right on.

Originally Posted by The Real Kain
Yes it looks much more like Neeson. my only complain is 'shinyness' of the face. You know those whity reflections on forehead and cheeks.
Thank you Kain. I have been tweaking the face and hair for a few days now. I Kind of like the shine on the face. I know that a lot of people don't, but I think it gives it a realistic touch. I'm not sure how the contrast makes it look good in game though, so I might change that.
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