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Zion clashed blades with Phinius. Phinius drew back and struck low at Zion. Zion blocked it and kicked Phinius in the face. Phinius backed away glutching a bleeding nose. Phinius spun his blade around and struck Zion's hand. Zion did not flinch, he did not show sighns he had been hit at all. He just kept attacking. Phinius was at a loss. He had no idea how to defeat Zion anymore. Anything he tried failed. He sensed something. The ship was in trouble. Zion seemed not to care.
"The explosion of this ship will not harm us Jedi. We are trained....well I am trained in how to deal with these situations"
Zion threw his blade towards the ceiling. It bounched back and hit Phinius's leg. He screamed in pain. A sound echod through the ship.
"The first of many explosions" muttered Phinius
Zion force grabbed his lightsaber and to Phinius's surprise turned it off.
"This is no over" Zion said seeing Phinius's face
"But i do not wish to be blown away and this fight is rather interesting. If you want to survice follow me towards the bridge. The ship will not fully blow. Half the ship will be blown into oblivion. We will simply fall to the planet below, there we can continue our fight. Get your friends to follow you" with that Zion walked back into the darkness and vanished. Phinius hobbled over to Zaran who was under the rubble. He used the force to get the stuff off him.
"Come on we need to leave. YOU TOO MID!" Phinius yelled


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