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@Buzz1978 Since I am a forum noob and don't know how to paste parts of your conversation and then write my response like you did mine, I will just do it like this.
Hm, I guess you are right on the characters having more "character" on TSL. Let me rephrase though, I think that all the characters on TSL had better potential on having better personalities if they would have just expanded the dialouge way more. Atton, Bao-Dur, and Visas would have rocked if they could just have made more dialouge and more personality to them.
Onto the next thing, well perhaps in Korriban they could find some teachings from the True Sith?
Another thing, Revan and the Exile now that I think about it could be yours because you could just make them as you make your own char. in char. customization. I mean would spoil it a little, but you would already have been expecting them anyway? Or they could just wear the robes like Mandalore wore his suit the whole time, but I like the former better
Buzz, the love storyline has not been completed. I will do Atton, Carth, and Bastila on why their stories should be continued for examples. For Atton: Does he ever realize that he is not a fool and tries to pursue the Exile? Does he ever tell her he loves her? Carth and Bastila: They are both waiting for their love, and they deserve to be re-united. I felt bad for them when they were talking about waiting for Revan, I just wanted to say, "Wait for k3! You will be able to then, hopefully!"
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