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Originally Posted by wedge2211
The net result was that because the Nazi leadership had its attention elsewhere, they didn't give credence to the available intelligence, didn't believe a successful Normandy invasion was possible, and left their forces concentrated on the Eastern Front.
To end the Normandy issue, the quoted phrase resemblances what i said about Romwell, in other words. Besides, Germans should be focusing on East Front, since those Tigers needed some petrol to move around .

Originally Posted by wedge2211
I don't know what you're getting at about 'a "smart" AI system has some limits on how it will move around,' after all, those same limits will be experienced by a human player.
The point of the "smart" word is that AI is subtle to specific script-generated code, whereas a human's imagination has way greater limits, right? That's why there's the MP afterall.

Originally Posted by wedge2211
At this point, as I see it, your complaint about "doom fleet" tactics reduces to complaining that if one player has more systems, more garrisons, and bigger fleets than their opponent, they are likely to win if they attack methodically and keep their assets guarded. To that, I say: well, duh! The real game is getting to that point, not what happens afterward. In a real SP or MP match, I doubt you could get to the point where you have a single massive "doom fleet" unless the game was in its late stages anyways.
Hmm, maybe i missed something here, but one argument was that "when the attacker has the upper hand and does build the doom fleet, then the defender it's a matter of few galactic days to lose...". Instant repairs can not only give the defender some breath to get organised, but also change the odds as well. At least with much maestry on the last one. Hitting for example some SDs and the nearest tech 4 station is 3 systems away, well, some events can happen in the meanwhile, since the doom fleet wil be getting less and less powerfull.

Besides, how could you build the doom fleet without big budget aside?
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