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(New char!!!)(This guy is my main guy hes gonna kill arca)

Name: Juice Flowe
Faction: Neutral
Class: Hired Assassin
Equipment: Stolen Jedi Lightsabre
Strengths: Assassination, Cityfighting, Going behind enemy lines, Force powers
Weaknesses: Space sickness, Space Combat (Piloting), Spread Shot blasters
Background: Juice Flowe and Arca Wolfe were friends in a Mercenary Acadamy on Tatooine when they both found out they had large amounts of Medocloreans in them. Arca denied it but Juice excepted it but refused to go to the jedi acadamy when a jedi master came to him (Ended up slaying that master as well ) and kept on training to become an assassin. When the Mercenary Acadamy was attacked during the battle Juice and Arca were seperated they thought each other ran away from each other and forged a new hatred for each other. Once they fought each other while trying to assassinate one target: A chancellor. They still have that hatred up to this day.

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