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(lol sorry if i keep taking over the story and don't giv u guys enough time to respond but i like this role-play and i go on the forums a lot)
(This post is after you all get to the bridge)

Juice and Arca reached the ladder that lead to the bridge. They stopped and turned to each other.
"Well here we are" Said Arca, Twitching at the fact their was a sith above him.
"I guess we wait for the ship to explode" Said Juice
"Or...." Said Arca. "Or what?" Juice said back, Curious.
"Why are you here, Juice?" Asked Arca, Curiousity clear on his face.
"Well if you really must know... To kill that sith above us." Said Juice
"Exactly the same reason as me!" Exclaimed Arca."Why don't we run up there and just kill the sith!" He took a step towards the ladder.
"NO!" Roared Juice.
"You can't stop me." said Arca, angry, Though he wasn't so sure himself.
"watch me" Replied Juice Fiercely. And before arca could respond, Juice rammed his palm into his temple, knocking Arca unconcious. He hoped no one heard anything up above.

There was 1 minute till destruction... (Hurry up guys! i hate fighting on ships)

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