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Originally Posted by Buzz1978
The game could consist of two different storylines that are related to each other and switch whenever the PC accomplishes a major step in the story (like finding a star map in K1). But the problem remains how to reset them to level1, without making it look ridiculous.
Well there are really 3 options.
1) You can start off as their appropriate levels but that would not work because not only could the Exile be level 50 and Revan be only level 20, but then you would get to level 100+ and would seem very silly.
2) Play as a 3rd pc and catch up to Revan, but still have the problem of the Exile's levels, voice acting, etc.
3) Or sending them back to level 1 each, but then again.. People are going to be mad if anything happens to Revan or the Exile to send them back because they hold them both (especially Revan) on a pedestal. So if they get sent to level 1, then you know people are going to whining. I guess they could both keep their memories but lose all force powers again >.>.

Originally Posted by Buzz1978
Hmm, I would hardly consider the endings of Ep.2&3&5 as happy. But don't get me wrong, I like happy endings, I just wouldn't bet on K3 having a happy end that satisfies your ideal...
Well I was kinda hoping Kotor 3 would be like #6 where it was all happy go lucky at the end. I guess it just really boils down on to who makes it you know? If Obsidian makes it, I can already expect a doomed ending. But then again, if there was a doomed ending there would have to be room for #4 because people just wouldn't be feel satisfied if everyone died, and the True Sith prevailed. People would be chanting, "Kotor 4! Kotor 4!" LoL. Perhaps LS ending would be happy go lucky, DS ending would be a doomed ending. I honestly doubt Obsidian would want to do 4-6 anyway unless they made mega-bucks.

Originally Posted by Buzz1978
I got the english version of K2 just some 2 weeks ago and didn't play with a female PC yet but I really don't remember to meet the "as well as he knows he is a fool" line in the german version... I always knew localized games and movies suck...
Nevertheless if you want to play this the hard way, I counter with Kreia saying: "...I sense it has one last journey for you. You must go where Revan did..." For me the "last" is quite a setback concerning the chances to get your type of happy end.
No seriously, Atton seeing himself as a fool? Just doesn't work for me, no matter what Kreia says.
Sorry, I love debating. Okay that could go both ways. Either the Exile dies at the end, OR the last journey for him/her is the True Sith and then he/she settles down and never goes out and saves the world.
As for Atton being a fool, I could see it. I dunno, play as a girl and give me your opinion again hehe.

Originally Posted by Buzz1978
Revan and the Exile are more powerful than every single of their party members. I believe none of them would have been helpful or they would have gone with Revan/Exile from the start, on the contrary they would have endangered them.
Well for one Revan and I am betting the Exile would make their party members leave them, so they could not have helped them from the start. Yes, they would probably endanger them but Kreia does say Revan will need all the help he/she can get, ya know? They were both leaders, and should naturally have people to go under them. Plus if I was Carth or especially Bastila, I would grow tired and impatient and set out to find what really happened. Besides, people would want this game to be epic since I presume it would be the last of the Revan saga. How more epic can it be if people from I and II that have already saved the galaxy come for one last battle? How about the ending of the Mandalorians when Canderous dies in his last, honorable battle?

Keep criticizing me Buzz, I like it^^
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