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I didn't read the whole thread, but I noticed a few things:

- No returning part members. Phaedra, I don't quite understand the logic of this. Since this another game, we need to have new faces and a new story. Starting over with the same people would just seem like an expansion pack. Just like they did in TSL, we need fresh personalities and characters. Otherwise, this role-playing experience gets old. Fast.

- All of the planets that were in K1. I don't quite see the point. Why visit planets that have no real importance in a new storyline? And if they did have importance in the story, there are still problems:

1) With the exception of Korriban and Dantooine, which are just a part of KOTOR, the other planets are old. Just like party members, we need new planets so the game isn't boring, and we aren't playing K1 all over again.
2) Along with that, if they have all the planets in, it means less new planets to explore, and more of the same old stuff to see. No fun in that, is there?
3) And if they do compensate for #2 by adding a ton of new planets also, the story will drag out most likely, and many times in the plot there will be no reason (or a lame one) why we are doing what we are doing and visiting the planets we are visiting.

That is all for now, here is my list.

1) An unfinished story. I like TSL, and the story is still good (they didn't really leave huge plot holes except for the end), but for K3, I'd rather if they had time to complete really cool planets rather than cut them.
2) A new ship. The Ebon Hawk is the Falcon, it is a part of the saga now.
3) New droids other than HK-47 and T3-M3. Just like the ship, they have taken the roles of C-3P0 and R2-D2.
4) No new party members - already explained.
5) All the planets from the first two games - also already explained.
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