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Thanks for the support guys!

Selek and Zappa are going to be helping me finish this up, so we should be seeing a release soon. The sounds are done now thanks to Selek, and Zappa will be helping me with some shader editing. (and possibly some icons?)

(And npc/bot files would be good to guys, if you know how)

Anyhow, here's what's left:

1.)bot files, npcs
2.)Shaders if possible for blue glowie Qui-gon and shiny boots for everyone.
3.)I'd like better Icons than the ones I made.
4.)I need to work on Anakin a bit more and Obi-Wan.
5.)CTF skins. (Zappa or Selek you guys can feel free to make those-otherwise I will. Let me know.)

That's all I can think of. If anyone can contribute let me know.
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