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Originally Posted by Zappa_0
Well he asked for Icons and im gonna give him some. Yea I was planning on using Palpatines holoshader stuff and edit it onto quigon. I dont know how well it will work, but we shall see. Im fixing to start on team colors for quigon. Is there any skins you wanna do. I dont wanna over step ya now if you wanna do something. By clipping issues you mean the torso near the neck when the robe is on?
Well, I got a Qui-Gon Jinn Glow Shader, and depends for which versions you want to create Ghost versions, for Robed and default? If both, send me Qui-Gon skins so I can create Shaders.

Oh and for Obi Wan, I think there just is missing the mole on his fore-head .

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