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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Well, this weekend has been low on traffic compared to when the demo came out and it wasn't like this back then.
Next weekend is going to be nightmarish in comparison.
Yea, it was pretty quiet. I was suprised. Good luck next weekend though. I think I'll spend my time not playing the game in the tranquility of Ahto.

The forums seem fine today, but there was about a 12hour period where I couldn't log on. (I think it was Wednsday or Thursday) I tried to log on before work (I go to work at midnight) and when I got home I still couldn't log on. I figured the admins were working on the server or something.

Finally around noon, I was able to log on. I think I was the first one back too. It was funny seeing "Users Online 1." That lasted all of 10 seconds though. hehe

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