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After playing it a few times, I am actually impressed. The game poses more of a challenge than the first game. I have mostly played as the Dwarves and have only used 2 of the Heros. Dain and Gimli (there is also Gloin), Dain is pretty good and Gimli is still the same as in BFME. Though he is still powerful the units are pretty sweet.

Now, there is mines for your resource collector (at least for the Dwarves and Goblins)but the Goblins do have Lumber Mills also.) For the Dwarves, you can get such powers as, Barrage (Rocks barrage an area), Earthquake, "Building Healer" (can't remember what it's called ), and Heal. Though there is more than that. And for Goblins, you have War Chant (increases attack), Dragon, Balrog, and allies such as Wild Men, and Goblin/Cave Liars. And there is more than this.

Though I wasn't able to create a hero. I can't wait to create own when the game comes out. Anyway.....

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