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Question: Crusher doors not closing on player?

I'm editing a SP map's entities for MP, and want the doors to close on players who stand in the doorway (to prevent lamers from blocking passages). I have added the 4 spawnflag bits for CRUSHER, set the dmg to 30, and even specified the wait (though the default should work).

The problem is that I can still stand in the doorway and the door does not even try to close, let alone cause damage, until I move out of the away. Am I missing something?

Here is what one of the entities looks like:

"classname" "func_door"
"angle" "-1"
"speed" "850"
"soundset" "impdoor1"
"model" "*31"
"spawnflags" "4"
"dmg" "30"
"wait" "3"
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