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Originally Posted by Zappa_0
Ive been around here long enough to know what goes where and what is what. Do what you want I dont really give a crap. And all these skins threads will be moved sooner or later, whenever someone gets around to it. So lets see some pics of your skins and stop your bitching.
Ok Zappa, this is always the same. Who do you think you are? You only go after the modeller of the moment and believe that you are god or something (first Hatrus and we had the same problem, now Neomarz), you are not a moderator, you are not even important here, you only say "Looks cool" or "do this because i want it in my movie". So let Ruku do a skin, if its posted in a modelling forum, then InsaneSith will be the one who move the thread because hes the moderator here. And keep that in mind, you are not more important here than Ruku, or anyone.

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