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Originally Posted by Darth Alec
^^^^ And that means.....?

Does taking out engines make ships dissapear? I cant download the demo, so what happenes?

a) QFE is a typical expression on forums that means "quote for effect" and means they support the poster without restating the poster's comments. It's meant to keep spam to a minimum. It also looks cool. After all, it's hard to say QFE outloud (pronounced quafei). Okay, that last part is not entirely true. But it makes some modicum of sense.

b) The engines are just another hard point on the ship. When a hard point is destroyed, the ship has visible damage (pretty cool, actually; an ISD has smoke and chunks of the ship missing when you take out a specific hard point at that site). The engines turn "off" (instead of blue hued exhaust, they are "dark" and smoking). But the ship itself doesn't disappear.
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