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I didnt say the **** I was you morons. I was only suggesting it like many others have done in the past. This has nothing to do with Neomarz or Hatrus. I havent said a damn thing about ruku and his damn attitude. You people are trying to add stuff to something that has nothing to do about this damn thread or even what is going on here. The only person here whinning is Ruku the whinning baby. He cant get over the fact that I was trying to give him some info on not to fight with the moderators here. Then he goes into PMS mode and start sobing over nothing. And Ninja why would you even care about what I say. Hell if I say something is cool or awesome then thats a compliment. And yes theres alot of things I would like to use in movies to help to promote the damn thing. What in the hell is wrong with that? Im done with this go ahead and say whatever you want. But know this you all are over reacting over nothing and then try blaming me for it. Thats utter BS. If you all wanna have your little pity party with Ruku go right ahead.

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