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Originally Posted by jake123456
now, having looked into this i admit i was wrong, because on this map:
you can find the region thats is on this screenshot(on the map it is in the top right corner):
Unfortunetly this are screens of courascant,But then again what happened to this version
Would you agree that the last screenshots would be a much better courascant?
Jake, habitez-vous en France ou habitez-vous de Quebec? Parce que vous avez trouve beaucoup d'images francais . Mais je les aime beacoup, naturellement.

And for us Americans, why do the French and Germans seem to have us beaten in the screenshot category???

I agree that the EAW-fr website shot is one I remember (but had forgotten). It's hard to say that that isn't present in-game. After all, that's a perspective shot and the Corsucant map is fairly complex even from the builds we're seeing. I'd be honestly shocked if Petroglyph didn't make Coruscant spectacular when in Cinematic mode. But they also place a high economy on having very mild system requirements so that most people can play the game. It would be hard to have both, but who knows what tricks they are mustering
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