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Originally Posted by Buzz1978
Of course they will. I just think it makes little sense to let the main plot take place in the unknown regions with party and all because it would raise the question why Revan and the Exile had to go there alone.
Did Kreia just say loved one or did she also say allies? I cannot remember. I am also sure she used, "Revan will need all the Jedi and Sith" in a plural sense as wel.

Originally Posted by Buzz1978
I promise to try harder next time ... or at least I would if I knew what it was I almost got you with...
Hm, I just meant I couldn't come up with a comeback or bring up another point to argue with. I had to sit there for a few minutes trying to think of another point lol.

Originally Posted by Buzz1978
No, I don't believe in extremes. Crazy or misdirected at most...
Seriously, I really don't want to see the PC or "allied" NPCs start the war, it would just be evil.
Haha very funny :-p. Anyway, no I really don't want it to happen like that.. I might have said it wrong xD. What I -know- is going to happen is as soon as whoever your main character is, the plan is going to start rolling into action almost immediately like any other game. While Revan was there for some odd 4 years, he/she did not discover as much as we would in those 24 hrs of gameplay. But the npc's and the pc aren't going to start the war, they are going to lay low for about...10 min before some like True Sith busts in the door and is like, "Imma kill you all!" or you get shot down or something hehe.
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