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lol... coupes - I was about to move it - but thought the topic was going to fizz out

@Zappa... no that is not correct.

Ive just watched every single cutscene from JK1, lifted off my JK1 game discs and run using RAD video tools(as the are in SMK format)

Jan has the glove on in every single scene, even the one in teh medbay where she doesnt have her other field gear with her.

In addition, the only sith around at that time(as she evidently has the glove in DF1) is Vader and Sidious. There is no mention of any such encounter in any canion source.

The two conclusions stated above are the closest to an answer you'll get.

Someone at TFN did point out that in one of the illustrations for the the Deitz novels, that she isnt wearing one, but that this was an error on the part of the illustrator(one among several that appear in these books).


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