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Originally Posted by dragon_master
While we are all realy excited about the release of eaw, one must question the quality of the game. I've noticed that on the demo the graphics are not all that great.(And I have a realy good graphics card.) From the screenshots I have seen, I was lead to belive that the graphics are realy good. second, my computer shuts down whenever I try to run the demo. Just the demo. I have checked many times, and my computer doesn't have any virus's. Any comments?

Is there a question any where in there? It sounds like a pc problem to me, overheating maybe, no dx9 maybe. Why dont you give us your system specs and may be we could actually help you.

As far as the quality of the game, how can you comment on it if you haven't yet tried it? IMO the DEMO was one of the best demo's I've played in a long time. I can't comment on the full game cause it isnt out yet...
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