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Originally Posted by Phaedra36
Did Kreia just say loved one or did she also say allies? I cannot remember. I am also sure she used, "Revan will need all the Jedi and Sith" in a plural sense as wel.
It' all about loved ones ("for it would bring doom to them both") and people one truely cares about. And she said warriors, Jedi or Sith who can be sent after him/her and who knew the way.
But actually Revan didn't take anyone with him/her not even the Ebon Hawk: "And he/she left the Ebon Hawk behind because he/she knew he/she would not need it." If it would make sense to send every normal Jedi/Sith after Revan, he/she would have taken them with him/her from the start

Why are you so keen on having the main plot taking place on "the shadowed planets of the sith empire" anyway?
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