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Originally Posted by dragon_master
Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. No I assure you MY video card is fine. It has no trouble with any other game program. JUST the DEMO. And as for the quality of the game I CAN question, because I HAVE played it.But while I'm playing it, it justs shuts down. I check the video card, and guess what?
It's just fine.
Calm yourself. Sounds like you have a confliction issue. Try ensuring that ALL your drivers are uptodate, not just your graphic drivers, sound card/windows update/ dx/ mobo. Sometimes when a specific driver gets updated they can miss something trivial that usually causes a confliction of drivers, the typical outcome for this, is all or some games will just desktop after a varied but typically short amount of time.

As for the quality of the demo, It's an earlier build so the demo is not an accurate representation of the actual full retail release.

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