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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
This will be true of your party members, I assume then? All uber-powerful Jedi Prestiege classes up around 25 levels at the very start?
No, I meant it as an excuse to let Revan or Exile start at Level1 again - the party members would have to be from the unknown regions then so the same rule doesn't apply to them.. I'm the first to admit that the idea isn't flawless but I think there isn't any flawless way to reset Revan/Exile ... to be true they all suck. I'm just trying to think of a way to reintroduce Revan/Exile at all, even if I don't like the idea. What most hardliners here don't seem to recognize is that the story of K3 must "work" on its own whether it adresses the stories of K1 and K2 or not.
That is why I find it *most* unlikely to play as Revan or the Exile again.

If K3 really becomes the sequel most people here want it to be, I would like it best if they made a few glitches on purpose: The "True Sith" aren't the threat Kreia talks about, they're a nearly extinct species and the typical "True Sith" is neither LS nor DS but the threat originates in the remains of their empire and only this actual place where the danger comes from is so damn dangerous that Revan could only go there alone. But the PC is a new one and doesn't meet Revan or the Exile, he just follows their steps...
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