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Originally Posted by Buzz1978
It' all about loved ones ("for it would bring doom to them both") and people one truely cares about. And she said warriors, Jedi or Sith who can be sent after him/her and who knew the way.
But actually Revan didn't take anyone with him/her not even the Ebon Hawk: "And he/she left the Ebon Hawk behind because he/she knew he/she would not need it." If it would make sense to send every normal Jedi/Sith after Revan, he/she would have taken them with him/her from the start

Why are you so keen on having the main plot taking place on "the shadowed planets of the sith empire" anyway?
Because that is where Kreia says the true war is at, is in these shadowed places and the True Sith are way better than the regular Sith, and yada yada. Kreia says that it is part of the exile's destiny to journey out into the Outer Rim..So I would just assume naturally that the war would take place there. No one would strike, but they would prepare for the attack and then strike back.
Now Buzz, it is become Revan was Revan and he would have took allies with him/her but probably felt like he/she was so badass that he could take it all. Perhaps Revan failed in his/her efforts over the years and Kreia can sense it or something. Yes to every Jedi/Sith that know the way, so people that have been on Korriban and Malachor probably do know the way. I imagine it won't be a huge amount anyway, for the Ebon Hawk can only hold so many people so..I am rambling now, but do you see my point?
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