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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
Once again, Wiki is written by FANBOYS & MONKEYS(like that dude who wrote the entry for Lucasforums) It should not be confidently quoted as a valid source.

I havent read those books in a very long time. I'd need to check with TFN staff to see if theyre geeky enough to remember The other possible source is RPG sourcebook material, but I dont have access to any of that to check.

Maybe our mighty admin Kurgan knows, he's the king of all that is JK

Honestly, I always just assumed it was some kind of tech gear, like some tools built into a glove for easy access, since she's a pilot and mechanic. In JK1 the game there's no indication that she has a cyborg hand, but I'd have to watch all the cutscenes again to check there (just for my own satisfaction since it was already done above). In JK2 she wears the glove, yes. So who knows. I read the novels (the audio books are just dramatizations of the books themselves, not expansions in this case anyway), except for Soldier for the Empire, but maybe I missed somethings. I certainly didn't remember that Qu Rahn's saber in JK1 (before it gets taken away) was supposed to be Yoda's, for exampe. The Dark Forces novels are VERY short, and mirror events from the cutscenes so closely (but the in-between details are very different than what you experience in game, or it's "off camera" stuff).

I'm sure Justin Chin would know (head guy on the JK1 team and was also in charge of the Dark Forces project which had the same team pretty much). I have the paperback strategy/guidebook to JK1 (sadly not with me in town though but I *think* it was the "Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight Official Strategy Guide" by Rick Barba & Prima from 1997) which had all the behind-the-scenes stuff for the game and info from the developers. So if it's in any public source it's probably going to be found there.

I'm surprised the dreaded WOTC RPG hasn't written or re-written this detail yet, as they've pretty much screwed with every other detail of the Dark Forces/JK series thus far it seems... which always bugs me when people cite it as a "canon authority" because it's just another danged GAME, so it's like saying Kyle Katarn's lightsaber has been blue "all along" just because it's blue in Jedi Outcast. You really need a third canon source to override two games that conflict (and the databank doesn't count).

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