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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
So what? Doesn't make them more cost-effective.
You're just saying that if you have more ressources you can afford more expensive stuff. Well, that ain't news to anyone.

However, this is pricing a 1990 Honda Civic the price of a fully armored Humvee. It's overpriced compared to its usefulness.
I was just pointing out the possibly of increasing it so you'd have more resources to spent on walls. I personally don't think they are that expensive.

Anyway, if you go to the official site BFME II (hopefully this link works XP), there is some new videos under Middle Earth Monday. There is a sweet video for the armies of Mordor and Isengard.
Isengard has the Tower of Orthanc has its "advantage" on the fortress. The special ability for Orthanc is a lightning-type of attack. And Mordor has the Tower of Barad-Dur. It has a fire ability.

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