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Originally Posted by Orao
Why would you blow up planets ? Isn't much better to have them since bonuses are only effective if the rebellion hold the planet.

As far as I'm concerned there will be no planet destruction in my galaxy. However massive blockades will be in place. My only concerns are next :
I believe the purpose of blowing up a planet that give bonuses to Rebels is to:
A) Prevent the Rebels from ever using those abilities by completely removing the possibility that they could be used at all. Doing so forces the rebellion to fight a constant uphill battle.
B) Greatly reduce the cost for your fleet. It is most likely cheaper to blow up a planet and build a space station and a couple of support ships in the resulting asteroid field than to completely garrison the thing. Weather or not this will be voided by the construction costs of the death star will remain to be seen, but the principle is sound.

"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not
supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the
enemy's resistance without fighting." - Sun Tzu

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