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Well, this is not BF2, and you can't kill 1000 people on your own(including 2 jedis) as an engineer without dying...

But yeah Stormtrooper armor is pretty useful, esp when it comes with the whole environment control/communications/etc functions in it.

I would imagine the suit is designed to withstand laster type weapons rather than physical damage (like shock) though.

Also, we don't know if ewoks have weak strength. Fo all we care their muscle structure may be way stronger than humans. If their muscle structure is like that of a, say, chimp... then they are still a bit stronger than a regular human, given their small size.

Also not that there are like 12342 heavy rocks drooping on those troopers, from really really high places sometimes even taking into account the low-grav of Endor Moon, so some of them is going to hit an unprotected area, like the back of the neck or something, or maybe damage the environment control unit, possably overheating the poor trooper.

Anyhow, ewoks ate it big time due to the pollution of the Deat Death Star anyways.
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