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Originally Posted by Commander Obi-Wan
I was just pointing out the possibly of increasing it so you'd have more resources to spent on walls. I personally don't think they are that expensive.
Are you sure? A tiny portion can cost 300 gold + the wall hub. Pretty darn expensive when you compare it to the units.

Again, pointing that out was fairly useless since this is more of a balance issue then a monetary one.

Originally Posted by EAWFAN
well im not a lotr fan because i think they copied star wars with the good and evil stuff
Yeah, LotR copied Star Wars even if the books first came out back in the 60's and Star Wars only came out in 1977. Yeah...and Star Wars invented the whol e good vs evil concept...because it only existed in the late 20th century and not since the dawn of time. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.

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