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So why waste our time by providing an incomplete game?

We don't buy these games for the Single Player Value (not entirely anyways) We take the game and build upon the growing Star Wars Community.

Creations of games that don't allow us to host on multiple OS hosted game servers has only been turning more and more people off of their 'respective' product.

I, as well as many of my clan members, will not be purchasing their games in the future unless we see that the game is put out on the market as a complete SP/MP game.

Until such a time, we will stay with what we have and try to complete the work that the company should have. >.<

Also, don't think we are just upset over this particular incomplete game. We've got some choice words for the creators of Kotor II and their uncompleted release.

It is unfortunate that Lucas leases out his name to companies who can't provide a full version upon release. I hope he chose a more competant companies in the future. =\

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