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Juice groaned and had to use much effort to throw himself up the hole. When he got there he saw arca standing at the edge of a nearby forest. He said:
"Up for a game of hide, seek and tag?" And disappeared into the forest.
Anger flew itself through Juice. Arca didn't have the right to tease him. Arca was weaker than him.
He ran through the forest as quiet as a ghost. Arca was playing games with him. He was finally using the force, And now he hid himself in it. Juice did the same. He felt Arca's presence close by but didn't know where. As he approached a hill Arca's presence was gone. Then he heard the Hum of a lightsabre and his own voice uncontrollably screaming. His hand was on the ground, Sliced clean off. And their was Arca, Smiling.
Uncontrolable anger coursed through his veins in unbelivable amounts. The cracking of a massive electric storm rolled overhead. Juice screamed in anger and the forest burst into flames. The mounatins on either side of them shook then exploded as if they were active volcanos the entire time.
Holding his bleeding stub of what used to be an arm, He screamed
He activated his lightsabre and leaped upon a trembling Arca. He raised his lightsabre in attempt to block the inevitable attack.

Thats when Juice was blinding by Pure white light.

He screamed as a blaster bolt blew through his shoulder, Blood splurting everywhere. He looked up to see C.R.O.W.s standing in perfect circle formation around him. One fired and took out Juice's stomach. Another fired and knocked him in the leg, Making him collapse. The C.R.O.W.s tighted their formation, Shooting one by one. His black lightsabre blew out of his hand as a bolt took out his other shoulder.
"Nooo!" He screamed over and over as the Crows fired at him, Turning him to a bloody mass. Juice struggled to breath as he only had one lung left.
He looked up at the sky and screamed one last time. "Noooo!" The Crows and Arca backed off then blew into dust then the valley turned to dust from a massive light wave, Making it a ravaged wasteland. Juice looked at his pieces of flesh in pools of blood. His last thought was 'I'm not done yet' and his head fell to the ground. Dead. The explosion that made the valley a wasteland could be seen from all over the planet.

Put your fear behind you where it belongs, then blast everything in front of you into splinters. You'll do fine - Jango Fett

Smart people are weak. Because they don't need to be strong because their smart enough not to fight. - Me
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