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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Are you sure? A tiny portion can cost 300 gold + the wall hub. Pretty darn expensive when you compare it to the units.

Again, pointing that out was fairly useless since this is more of a balance issue then a monetary one. cost me about 100 gold per wall portion for me. And a wall hub 200 gold. What you said sounds expensive, though.

Originally Posted by DS_Vespidbat
im not even going to try the demo, doesnrt look appealing to me and ya i am getting tired or gathering resources for like an 1 hour and soon die in 5 mins...i dont like heros being so strong that it might take 100 or more units to kill it
I don't mid collecting resources. I think EaW is influencing gamers away for resource collecting....meh. You don't die in like 5 min if you stratigize your attacks and defense. Also, using the armies advantages help. Meh. I am stilling getting the game and I like the game.

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