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Yeah but RA2 was made before JK1, and it was so largely multimedia driven anyway (most of the gameplay was based on CG rendered or FMV that had animated targets added to it for you to shoot) that it was kind of essential. It too had a mix of CG and live action for the cutscenes, much like the backgrounds. In that respect it was more like Area51 (it was a rail shooter that also used a lot of rendered and digitized graphics rather than polygonal models).

I remember thinking how awesome they looked back when they came out, but now I've been so spoiled watching the Star Wars movies on DVD that they look pretty cruddy. I wish they would re-release RA and RA2 with the higher quality sprites (24-bit) and video they had available at the time (but they were forced to reduce to 8-bit quality for the sake of home computers at that time.

Well anyway as far as Jan's hand is concerned, interesting. Looking closely at the screenshots (I couldn't see them before) I see that she's had it throughout the series. Since this takes place over several years, it couldn't just have been a temporary thing (like repairing an injury). So is it a tool or a bulky version of the artificial hand that Luke and Anakin has? You'd think working for the New Republic they could afford to give her a better one if it is. I mean, the Rebellion to afford to give Luke one that looked "just like the real thing" until damaged.

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