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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
lolz..the ROTJ Novel also makes Obi Wan Anakins Uncle
And yet it is g-canon, and so is in the same realm of importance as the films. And we all know about Lucas and revisionist history. But hey, Tolkien did the same thing.

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
what does the ROTS novel say about force ghostage ?
Yoda: An infinite mystery is the Force. Much to learn, there still is.

Qui-Gon: And you will have time to learn it.

Yoda: Infinite knowledge...Infinite time does that require.

Qui-Gon: With my help, you can learn to join with the Force, yet retain conciousness. You can join your light to it forever. Perhaps, in time, even your physical self.

Yoda: Eternal life...

Qui-Gon: The ultimate goal of the Sith, yet they can never achieve it; it comes only by the release of the self, not the exaltation of self. It comes through compassion, not greed. Love is the answer to the darkness.

Yoda: Become one with the Force, yet influence still to have. A power greater than all, it is.

Qui-Gon: It cannot be granted; it can only be taught. It is yours to learn, if you wish it.

Yoda: Your apprentice, I greatfully become.

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
These are obviously details that GL didnt put into the script/film/commentary, most likely because Stover has been given reign to "fill in the details as long they dont contradict what's in the script"...
Stover has mentioned in several interviews that he was not given permission to add scenes to the story, and that he worked directly from the screenplay. He only had permission to alter some of the dialog, not the content or feeling of the scenes. He also has stated that he and Lucas when through the novel line-by-line to make sure it lined up with what he wanted. I don't have the script, but I have seen several sources stating that it contains more or less what Qui-Gon says above.

In any event, similar information about becoming one with the Force is available on under Anakin's entry:

"Having saved his son's life, and reclaimed his soul from the dark side, Anakin died and became one with the Force. As he shed his corporeal form, he found the spectral forms of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda ready for his return. Through compassion and selflessness, Anakin discovered the secret knowledge of the Shaman of the Whills, a technique that allowed him to retain his identity in the netherworld of the Force."

Note that this is a part of the "Movies" entry, and not the EU entry...

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
that's the problem with novelisations, especially ones written by another writer, theyre often taken as 'gospel' when they are in fact just as much EU/Imagination as any other novel.
But they aren't as much author imagination as the rest of the EU. Each novel either comes directly from the mind or script of Lucas, whereas the rest of the EU does not. There are much tighter controls placed upon the authors who write them and I believe in each case (definitely with ROTS) Lucas makes the effort to go through each line-by-line to make sure it lines up with his vision. That is why the novels are g-canon and the EU isn't.

Most if not all of the rest of the EU does not go through this scrutiny, and is instead based on Lucas's guidelines (don't kill the Big 3, etc.) and the continuity and plotline checks done by Lucas Licensing.

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