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heh... why the heck would gaming devs even bother with FMV.... as Kurgz mentioned, you need to hire crew, get film and lighting equipment(which is freakin expensive) cast actors, wardrobe, makeup, a director, a sound guy, a director of photography etc etc...

CGI cutscenes can be pretty realistic nowdays if devs want them to be - look at the Final Fantasy Series for example.

FMV is over, theyre a relic of the 90s.

Kurgz - I assure you - Jan wears the glove in every scene in JK1, even when she doesnt have her field gear on(in medbay scene)...

Yes she does get captured by the Dark jedi - but by this time her hand is already gloved (it was right from the very first scene)

lolz...TFNers didnt really have much of a clue either Linkage

It seems Astro has grown more powerful than his old masters


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