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hey ves!

Good to see a familiar face around here. Not that anyone has been
mean or anything.

I downloaded a mod that takes out land battles in CG, and i know how to
it actually. So once the game comes out i'll mod the CG so i can do it
and save it and conqueror the galaxy ,,,har har har!

man i gotta create a new account for LO12DS, icreated this the same day i created the LO12DS One when we didnt know where we were going.

Sad to hear you wont be on zone anymore. I dont see hardly any DS on, except some scen players. SWGB isnt slowing down oddly enough, still average about 160 on during peak hours. But this game will be taking my
time up im sure. CG takes long enough as it is.

Later dude, hope to see you on gamespy for this game :P

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