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ok you people are talking are forign language to me i have never seen any lotr movies or read any of the books can some one give me a paragraph or so on what happens in lord of the rings. :quote: ya the "Elven Witch" is Galadriel. And where did you find Gollum? I can't find him. :quote: like righ there who are these people do they really matter. im in 30% on the demo on xfire it would have been downloaded by now but i forgot to og in on xfire this morning at 8 and then i went to school im luckly getting 230kbps and is this like gbg with the collecting type of thing where there are 4 diffrent things you can and need to collect or is it like EAW where you only need credits. thanks, EAWFAN --- Ages of Star Wars: Jedi Civil war --- Official website
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