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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Boba Fett dies. Yes! I admit, much of my pleasure at seeing him meet his Maker is due to my disgust with the fanboys that spurred his wankishness in the EU, but still. Cool looking character, gets pwn3d, nuff said. It was the will of the force, end of story!
I don't mean to bash but Boba Fett doesn't die. In the books, he is put as the most heavily armed mercinary in the galaxy, and he basically blows the sarlac pitt to smitharines. Though after he heals up from the massive damage he took blowing himself up, the Empire has already fallen and Boba finds himself rather unemployed by anybody.

As for my vote: Attack of the Clones. I can't believe it's losing!!!! Your taste for action breaks my fragile heart! Though I havn't seen ESB in a few years I can definately tell you that the excitement in AotC leaves it in the dust. I mean come on! I'll back myself up.
So, AotC is basically the grand hunt of the SW series. It starts out super-goth, everything is happy and peaceful, and then something blows up and kills a lot of people. Next the mystery begins to form in your mind as they have a few discussions amongst the primary characters, and then the bounty hunter girl chase begins which totally creeps you out, and you can't tell who is winning, who is most likely to win or what will happen once one side wins. Then the hunt for Jango starts, awsome plot where you still can't tell who is hunting or being hunted. Then the confusion at Kamino, Obi-Wan catches Jango red handed, Anakin flips out and goes Darth Vader on all the Tuskens and is all furious, overwhelmed by sadness and pleased with killing all those peoples, which is kinda freaky. Then the best battle of all 6 movies, Obiwan is in trouble and it's 3 heroes vs. hundreds of Geonosians, things look down and then the Jedi appear. Then the droids show up and things look down again and the Jedi are about dead when all the sudden, WHAM! there are hundreds of clone troopers all over the place and it's so awsome that you can't even comprehend how awsome it is. In fact, go look awsome up in the dictionary right now because I can go ahead and confirm that its deffinition is the Battle of Geonosis.

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