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Originally Posted by joetheeskimo5
Everybody has pretty much been repeating themselves - new PC, new/old ship, etc. I also think it's time for a new ship, in fact, that would give the game a compeletely new feel, and I think it would be fun for the developers to have the chance to come up with something new.
You know, you are exactly right in a way. How about we get rid of the same old Sith Lords to give the game "a new feel"? Or get rid of party members and be able to recruit anyone, or no one. Wouldn't that be something new? Save the new ship for another game. This is KOTOR, the Ebon Hawk is the Falcon of it. If you want to get rid of it, hope they make a new KOTOR-like game and create a new personal transport. If they were going to change it, they would have done so in TSL, not at the series closer, especially after two games where they had it. Don't get rid of a ship because quote "it would give the game a new feel." It doesn't need one, not in that area.[/RANT]

Yeah, you might be able to see that I am extremely averse to getting rid of or blowing up the Hawk in the series closer of the KOTOR series.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and a few of you are talking about how Kreia tells you that the "real war" is in the "shadows of the True Sith empire." As far as I know, she never says this. She makes a single reference to "True Sith" during the end of the game, where she is talking about the true enemy. And she never uses the word species, or original Sith, or describes what she is talking about as one. It is never really made a big deal of, and she never clarifies that she is really talking about this "Original Sith species" nonsense. True Sith could mean anything, depending on what she was talking about.

Yeah, I'm also adverse to this "True Sith" idea to, and the idea that it is all hyped up in both games and specifically said that we will go face them in K3.

Now, after all this, I have another thing I'd like to add.

1) No more feeling like you are cursed to be shot down by everybody wherever you go, whether it be HK-51 units, Onderon fighters, Czerka AD towers...
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