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Originally Posted by Commander Obi-Wan
Umm.....btw Foshjedi2004, it isn't Lando.
lolz... it was Luke that said it in this scene...

and Luke definitely wasnt a jedi then...

From ROTJ :
LUKE : Then I am a jedi....
YODA : Not yet, One thing remains...Vader - you must confront Vader. Only then, a jedi will you be...and confront him you will.

Basically Luke becomes a jedi after he has defetaed Vader and refuses the emperors of offer to join him...

someone else may have said it?? ....Bail Organa or Padme are my guesses, but Luke qualifies as an answer Obi can you confirm the answer you were looking for ??

* * *

so - new question !

Q. Apart from R4 in AOTC and ROTS, describe a scene with another droid with a body that is mostly red ? pic required


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