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Originally Posted by Foshjedi2004
I meant just before the battle of Endor he said it didn't he? Maybe that was Han again....Blast it where's my copy when I want one.....

Tatooine: Its the Droid that blew a motor as the LArs were buying it
c'mon Fosh... make up your mind !!

You initially said just before Lando & Chewie go to Tatooine(at the end of ESB). As I have mentioned, it is Luke that says it here(I dbl checked 5 mins ago)...your brain is probably just muddling it up

The last thing lando says to Han before he boards the shuttle is "good luck"

As for R5 :
that droid is mostly *white*... Im after one that is mostly RED.

* * *

question stays open

Q. Apart from R4 in AOTC and ROTS, describe a scene with another droid with a body that is mostly red ? pic required

Asinus asinum fricat
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