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Originally Posted by innerfears
{snip}I believe the original KOTOR was designed exclusively for the PC and then they decided to port it to the Xbox not long after. Remember, the Xbox is really just a PC you can plug controllers into and play through your TV, it wouldn't make sense to not make a PC version.
Hmmm... perhaps a chronological review of KotOR game series release dates is in order?

2003 July 17 - KotOR for XBOX released
2003 November 18 - KotOR for the PC released

2004 December 6 - KotOR II:TSL for XBOX released
2005 February 10 - KotOR II:TSL for PC released

Still think any of the KotOR games were designed exclusively for the PC and then ported to the XBOX?

I definitely hope that any future KotOR games are supported on PC since I do not intend to buy an XBOX 360, PS3, or Revolution. However I suffer no delusions that the PC platform drives video game sales. The big numbers are on the consoles. Those of us who play on PC are just hoping we get to come along for the ride...

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