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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
Yeah, you might be able to see that I am extremely averse to getting rid of or blowing up the Hawk in the series closer of the KOTOR series.
How would you react then if K3 doesn't become the series closer you expect it to be?

Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
EDIT: Oh yeah, and a few of you are talking about how Kreia tells you that the "real war" is in the "shadows of the True Sith empire." As far as I know, she never says this.
Actually she says: "You must go where Revan did, into the Unknown Regions, where the Sith, the true Sith, wait in the dark for the great war that comes."
and later: "The Sith is a belief. And it's empire, the true Sith empire, rules elsewhere."
But prior to both statements she says: "No, Revan met no Sith Empire, yet he learned their teachings."

Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
And she never uses the word species, or original Sith, or describes what she is talking about as one. It is never really made a big deal of, and she never clarifies that she is really talking about this "Original Sith species" nonsense. True Sith could mean anything, depending on what she was talking about.
I agree, except the n-word-thing. There are lots of possible interpretations and IMO the one about the true Sith somehow being related to the Sith species ist just one of them.

Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
Yeah, I'm also adverse to this "True Sith" idea to, and the idea that it is all hyped up in both games and specifically said that we will go face them in K3.
Me too. (BTW: where is it hyped up in K1?) The "end of the force" thing in TSL was already too much for me and if the devs really want to, they can even "outperform" that. But since there a so much possible interpretations of the TSL "premonitions" I stay optimistic...

Originally Posted by igyman
If it gets to be your ship in K3, then there better be a good explanation for its return (except if you get to play as Revan again, then the explanation would be obvious).
No, it would be obvious if you played as the Exile again. If you play as Revan and get the Hawk there'd better be a good explanation how he/she gets it. But since we get a new PC anyway, there'd better be a good explanation at any rate.
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