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Originally Posted by RedHawke
It might benefit some of you to play the game different ways.

I have played the game in different ways but I wouldn't want to kill Juhani, lose a party member especially a Jedi. Besides I liked her story so I'd rather have her on my team than get rid of her...permanetly.

If you kill Juhani in the grove, Belaya will get quite upset at you and leave, and you can even meet her later in the game where she tries for a little payback. It seems Belaya and Juhani were... well... a little more than freinds.
I did Kill her once to see what happened and Belaya ran off and I tried looking for her on Dantooine but couldn't find her so I said screw this I want an extra party member...But the spoiler you mentioned, it sounds pretty neat*, I probably won't try it myself depending on how long the gap is between when you leave Dantooine and she pops up again...Concerning Belaya and in the words of Quagmire OH RIGHT.......Giggaty giggaty giggaty goooou:P
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