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(( Admiral, Elella and Mierra went home shortly after the Battle over Coruscant.))

*The Shuttle ramp lowers and a single figure decends. He is over six feet tall and powerfully built in the form of a warrior, he wears Agamarian armour, a scale coat with elbow length sleeves with a scale mantle to protect his neck. His shins are protected by greeves and his forarms by bracers, he wears crossed bauldrics with a short stabbing sword on his right hip and a longer blade on his left. A full face helm hangs from the pommel of his left right hand sword while he carries a black hilted longsword in his left like a sceptre. His armour is black but his under tunic and cloak are a dark green. The broach on his cloak is bronze, formed in the shape of a Dragon's head. His blond hair is braided with iron rings, as is his beard. His eyes are a piecing blue, cold enough to give even an Aesir pause.*

*He measures the Valkyrie and the two Einherjar.*

Drago: I am General Tarnac, son of Dral. I come from the New Republic to discuss the problem of the Helloki.

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