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((BD: I highly doubt that. Blue eyes are nothing new for the Aesir especially piercing cold blue eyes :P))

Galdsheim Station

Valkyrie: Yes, we know as much. Follow me.

*The Valkyrie leads Drago through a couple corridors, up a turbolift and finally to an office. The office has little decoration except for a large wood desk and a couple of chairs, right behind the desk is a large window with a view of the nebula.*

Valkyrie: You can wait here, the Lady Idona will be with you shortly.

*The Valkyrie leaves and the two Einherjar take up positions on either side of the door. A few minutes later Idona enters and takes a seat at the desk*

Idona: Good Evening General. What is it that you would like to discuss about the Heloki?

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