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Yep. What a joke! First Obi-Wan goes console only, but we didn't know the half of the horrors to come. Obi-Wan SUCKED. eFront crashed and burned thanks to corruption (luckily before we got invested with them too much), and the site pretty much went on hold idefinately as a result of the lack of a stable server for awhile, then loss of the logins for hosted sites for awhile. I have full access now, but too many other projects.

Oh well, was fun while it lasted. It was kind of funny how I suddenly had total power over JKMAG, but no time to really do anything with it. I guess now somebody could continue it if they wanted to, but I feel like they ought to preserve the retro-flavor of the site in respect for its heritage. Ditto for many of the classic sites I listed...

As for Massassi losing interest in JK1, I don't know if that's true. JK1 has been low in popularity for a long time now, overshadowed by Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. Most of the old guard has moved on. But the mod projects continue regardless of this fact. Fond memories of the game still exist of course. I wouldn't expect the forum community to still discuss JK1 as excitedly as they did back in 1997-1999, and the mod community is small. Still, they probably have more activity with that than we do. If anything I'm sure it's no smaller this year than it was last year. Still, I don't think we had some of those new graphical improvement projects two years ago, so that might have sparked some more interest.

Anyway, few forums stay fixated on one game for THAT long (it's been 8 years now). Mostly public internet forums are full of "useless" chatty/filler topics about whatever, and that's how it's likely always to be. Nothing particularly wrong with that...

Anyway, as luck would have it, JK2 and JA were both awesome games and worthy of the series (not without faults of their own of course, but a lot of that has been thankfully overcome by helpful mods, despite many crappy mods from the past!). Sometimes people forget some of the crap we put up with in the old community. While the bane of JK2/JA was the honor code, abusive mods and a community divided over patch changes, the problems in JK1/MotS were the rampant cheating and lack of dedicated server support. But somehow we managed to have fun, didn't we?

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