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((So basically Drago has the eyes of a Frost Jotun, BD?))

Gladsheim Station

*The Inquiry and the Silver land in the station's hangar bays. The Inquiry's main hatch opens and a contingent of Blades are lowered on a platform to the ground. Rwos and Nereli stand foremost.

Rwos, who is tall (especially with the boost given by his large dinosaurian feet), with dark brown skin and a beaked, inhuman if expressive face, and the typical gargoyle features like pointed ears, small brow horns, large batlike wings (hooked on his shoulders and flowing behind him like twin halves of a cape), clawed hands, and a long tail, wears his familiar armor suit: a partial body suit of black leathery material and dark gray strip-armor, rounded off with a silver-colored plate chest piece, red silver-lined shoulder pauldrons, a blue waistcloth, and hair in a long, thin ponytail arching up from his head. Like all the others, he wears a Blade's axe-shaped mask, eyes covered with white contacts, and a belt with a silver teleporter at the waist.

Unfamiliar to the Aesir, Nereli stands next to him. He isn't short, but next to Rwos he appears smaller than he really is. He looks mostly human, but with ash-colored skin, pale white hair and long, stiffly pointed ears. He is muscular but thin, again contrasting with Rwos' natural size. He looks particularly androgynous compared to a human, and somewhat beautiful. His outfit is a black leathery material, with intricate designs cut and woven in it.

Behind them stand about two dozen other Blades, including Gilian - a dark but pale-skinned African human that the Aesir know from experience is a vampire, dressed in black with red gems around her throat, and a silver crescent moon on her wrist - Ida, a short-haired tanned human of unidentifiable race, dressed in blue, black and violet - and others of varying races and appearances that the Aesir have not encountered previously. One that stands out in particular is a humanoid, pale-skinned Blade in banded black leathery armor, with his eyebrows and the entire top of his head on fire like a torch.*


Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

*Aren pulls Kioet aside as he walks into the cantina, before he can become absorbed in the semi-drunken mass of patronage*

Aren: Welcome back, Csuhen. I trust your trip back went alright? You have fortunate timing - there's something I'd like to ask you to do.

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